- Caramel flan with fruit

Linh Giang
   & Phan Thành

happy wedding

Thu Le 

Thu Le is among many ordinary places in Hanoi capital. But this is the area with a special street called Linh Lang, a street that holds an important place in the heart of the first-generation leaders of FPT Corporation. It is in the house numbered 96 on this street where more than 20 years ago a baby girl was born in the love and care of her parents and family. The little girl that day has grown into a beautiful bride filled with happiness and love for her groom. “Thu Le” is also the name of the appetizer that our beloved guests will be enjoying later.

- Seafood soup with mushroom

Once upon a time, there was a couple in Phu Tho who gave birth to many children, the children grew up and their hometown soon became too cramped for them. The couple discussed and then divided their children into two groups, one followed the father to the Southeast, the other followed the mother to the Northwest. The first group followed their father eastward to the wonderfully beautiful coast and many delicious seafood. They have always remembered their mother and brothers who went to the forest, they chose the fresh and finest seafood to send to their mother and brothers. The group going to the North also enjoyed the precious delicacies of the mountains and forests such as shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, chicken eggs, etc. Being a capable woman, the mother has skillfully prepared the ingredients sent from her children afar and turned them into all kinds of foods. Delicious seafood sent back from the ocean is found in a forest-flavored seafood soup that you will enjoy at today's wedding party.

Forest Perfume

- Crispy fried soft shell crab with tamarind sauce

Mai Phong

"The first-born child is of great importance", "you are no mother or father until you have your own child" is a popular Vietnamese saying . Only when the first child is born do everyone in the family get a sense of responsibility, love and care. Mai Phong, commonly known in the house as "Crab", is the first grandchild born from the bride's side of the family. "Crab" loves aunt Linh Giang, uncle Chau Thanh and wishes to have many more cousins.

- Steamed sturgeon in oyster sauce


There is a Russian proverb that states: “по вкусам не спорить” meaning “it’s not good to quarrel about food preferences”. However, the vast majority of people agree that black caviar is the most delicious and expensive dish in the world, and not everyone knows that cavia is the egg of a sturgeon living in the Amur River in Russia. They provide the best, of highest quality caviar in the world called Kaluga. The name of the river Amur has a homophone with the word Amour which means love. Such is the state of sentiment that you are here today to honor.

- Roasted Bat Bao duck

Floor Measurement

Childhood nostalgia always brings along happy moments. In 1978, we, friends of the bride and groom's parents, had just graduated from high school and entered the university. At that time, we were all less than 18 years old (age of maturation in Vietnam). Some of us were gathered in Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc province, the groom's hometown, to learn Russian and prepare to study abroad. No one expected that the war happened soon after, which brought drastic changes to our lives. There are things that are forever lost from our lives. One of them is the special drink called "Bao Bao Luong Xa" sold by the Chinese in Hanoi. It was a very delicious drink, but too expensive for us children, so when we saw them yell on the street trying to sell this drink "Bao Bao Luong Xa ", we all yelled back " Ngã đo sàn nhà ", which is loosely translated to “Pass out on the floor” (to reflect our reaction to our unfulfilled desire to have it)

- Stir-fried sliced beef with onion and mushroom

Ho Toan

In Vietnam, there is a person who has done a very ordinary job of raising cows all his life ; however, he has been awarded the title of Labor Hero twice. It's Ho Giao. He is said to be able to “talk to cows” because of his love and sense of responsibility. Mr. Trung Ha, today's father-in-law, when planning to set up a dairy farming company, is an admirer of Mr. Ho Giao. Having found a guy named Toan who claimed to be "herding cows all his life", Mr. Trung Ha named the company Ho Toan.

- Assorted vegetable

Cochinchina Revolution

The Cochinchina uprising was an important event in the history of the Vietnamese. It was the first uprising against the French colonialists led by the Communist Party of Vietnam. One of the revolutionaries leading the uprising was Comrade Vo Van Tan, he was captured and executed by the enemy in 1941. His name was given to a very beautiful street in Ho Chi Minh City. It was surely not love at first sight but their first meeting on this special street could well be a sign of destiny, marking the beginning of their love that blooms into today's wedding. 

- Fried rice & Young pork rib broth soup with lotus root 

Hung Vuong

Mother, Mother's house, Mother Earth are words that always stick with us throughout the journey of being human. Mother Earth produces many precious food resources to feed us, of which perhaps rice is the most treasured product. Since ancient times, when the mighty kings built the country, our people had legends honoring the rice grain, which was the story of banh chung and banh giay, and we have been humming the song "our village's rice grain" since childhood.

- Green mango and shrimp salad with mint
- Fresh spring roll